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Project Plan: NFCL Type F-09V-S, Steward, Second Model, Valet Variant with Security Suite 

This project plan is classified and is authorized solely for use by the following corporate stakeholders: 

-Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems, Full Body Rebuild Surgical Staff

-Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems, Office of Corporate Partnerships

-Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems, Office of Technical Innovation

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, BioEngineering Staff

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Directorate of Security

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Fleet Management Division

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Marketing Division

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Office of Innovation

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Office of Transhuman Personnel Management

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines, Recruiting Staff

-Newfenririan Cruise Lines Credit Union, Surgical Loan Division

All other use is prohibited.


Introduction and Authorization Statement


After the hijacking of Lunar Cruises LMS Armstrong in the Iron System two quarters ago, NFCL has completed a comprehensive, 100% review of all physical and electronic security measures, including customs and border protection, and have deployed the first transhuman armed security teams on our ships.  Customer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly since the new security teams fit the NFCL "all-werewolf" aesthetic far better than the armed security contractors used in the past on dangerous routes.  They are also far more combat-effective, owing to the new Jotunn Security Suite.  We have also begun deployment of the M-09V-S, a male general service werewolf model with enhanced combat and protective measures.  This model is ideal for shipboard officers, who are already issued sidearms and expected to take command in the event of emergencies.  These upgraded guards and M-09V-S officers are more than a match for a squad of six to ten transhuman hijackers armed with M34A1 railrifles, NorTech machinerifles, and similar semi-obsolete small arms of the sort commonly used by Iron System corsairs.

However, the challenges facing NCFL in the wake of the Armstrong incident are greater than physical security.  Customers now question the safety of interstellar cruising and NFCL revenues for the past two quarters have declined 5% relative to the past fiscal year.  This is doubly true in the case of our once highly profitable Iron System routes which are now a financial liability.  Passengers have cancelled reservations and we have been forced to offer significantly reduced fares.  Although it seems that the new security measures have reversed the decline, I believe that further action is required.  To that end, I propose two measures:

First, we will begin equipping certain stewards working in the Haven, serving as personal butlers and personal stewards, or employed on Dream Fleet ships with the Jotunn Security Suite.  VIP passengers are a favorite target of corsairs both within the Iron System and in general.  This measure will demonstrate that NFCL is committed to their personal safety.

Second, we will expand our upgrade program to include females, who make up approximately 30% of our officers, Haven staff, personal stewards, and Dream Fleet crew.  Although we could assign M-09V-S models to these roles, equality of the sexes is a fundamental Newfenririan value and customers expect to see female werewolves aboard our ships.

Therefore, I have determined that we will need to design a female-specific counterpart to the upgraded male service models currently in production: the F-09V-S.

Work is to begin immediately.  The project plan is included below.

Thus authorized,

Lord Maximilian August von Ludendorff, Lord President of Newfenrir Hospitality Interstellar, Firstborn of High Lady Joanna August von Ludendorff

Mission Statement

To provide for improved passenger safety with specifically upgraded and trained general service models capable of serving as bodyguards to VIP passengers and security-enhanced shipboard officers more capable of supervising emergency management operations.


Project Requirements



  • Integrated Small Arms WeaponLink, Naval Model
  • Myogenesis Regulator, Combat
  • Teeth, composite-capped, light armor piercing
  • Claws, carbon fiber-reinforced, light armor piercing
  • Neural Integrated Heads-Up Display, Combat



  • Ballistic Protection, AOSM Level 3
  • Stab/puncture-resistant sub-dermal armor plating
  • Reinforced skeleton
  • Heat Resistance up to 80 C
  • Cold Resistance up to -40 C
  • Integrated NBC Protection System, AOSM Level 1
  • Void Resistance, minimum of 7 minutes
  • Emergency Neurological Stability System (ENSS)
  • Anti-shock cranial lining
  • Regulated circulatory system with auxiliary coagulant generator/storage unit



  • Standard Type F-09V physical rebuild package
  • NFCL IntraNet Uplink
  • Employee status monitor, NFCL model
  • Jotunn BioSystems Management Suite
  • Beecher anti-substance abuse monitor



Project Challenges


Development Time

NFCL wishes to expedite development as quickly as possible to ensure that F-09V-S models will be available for Iron System winter cruising season.  NFCL also wishes to minimize any perception that female crew members are not being provided with the same level of protection and advanced transhuman systems as their male counterparts.

Solution: This model should use as many off-the-shelf components as possible.  Modification of standard components and surgical procedures should always be favored over new development.  Concepts devised during the development cycle of the M-09V-S should serve as a reference point.


Long-term Durability

The Director of BioEngineering believes that the implants required for this project will be especially burdensome for the standard F-09V skeletal, muscular, and nervous system.  This chassis is relatively lightweight for a combat-oriented transhuman, even more so than its male counterpart.

Solution: Recalls and follow-up surgery as needed to replace prematurely worn-out biological and biosynthetic components.


Outward Appearance

Outward appearance of the F-09V-S should be to NFCL uniform standards for female victualing valet models (see NFCL Corporate Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures, Section 72F, Lines 67-131).  However, given the appearance of the M-09V-S, it is believed that F-09V-S models will be substantially larger and bulkier than their standard counterparts, to the point of being questionable in terms of femininity.

Solution: Modification of NFCL uniforms to de-emphasize bulk and give a gentler appearance.  Uniforms should also feature additional feminine cues.  Revised Uniform Regulations will be written upon completion of first batch of F-09V-S models.

Nutritional Needs

Experience with M-09V-S models shows that the Jotunn Security Suite demands very high levels of caloric and protein intake for full functionality.  In particular, the Myogenesis Regulator requires a bare minimum of 5000 k/cal daily to operate under its Standard Combat Ruleset (SCR).  Werewolves equipped with the Jotunn Security Suite will also need to be supplied with nutrients not found in standard NFCL rations or nutritional supplements. 

Solutions: Issue Jotunn Transhuman Nutritional Supplement 67C instead of standard 34R5.  Provide 200% larger rations.  Monitor all F-09V-S werewolves to ensure proper Myogensis Regulator functionality.  Non-SCR operation of the Myogenesis Regulator will be treated as a reportable man alfunction and brought to the immediate attention of the shipboard surgeon. 

Berth Size

It is not believed that F-09V-S models will be able to comfortably lie on the standard NFCL crew bunks issued to victualing models. In addition, M-09V-S models often report finding their quarters to be excessively cramped, particularly in the case of stewards living in standard crew berths.

Solution: Disregard.  This is unlikely to be an impediment to functionality.





Based on experience with Type M-09V-S models, we expect the F-09V-S to be well-suited for NFCL service.

Pending final approval, 10 candidates for an initial Batch 1 cycle will be selected and upgraded by Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems, Armistice Facility.  Within 14 days of completion of Batch 1, work will begin on Batch 2, consisting of a full class of 50 candidates.  Within 60 days of completion of Batch 1, the Jotunn HSHS Ceramic City Facility should be prepared for intake of Batch 3.   Within 120 standard days of completion of Batches 1, 2, and 3, Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems should have processes and equipment necessary for manufacture of F-09V-S models standardized across all facilities which conduct transhuman surgery for NFCL.

More teaser material for Werewolves Versus Issue 4 - now available for pre-order here:

Expect to see more soon!  You can also follow NFCL's Twitter account here:

NFCL's business partners, the good surgeons at Jotunn Heavy Surgical Hospital Systems, also have an account here:
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thunderclaws Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Nice! I love these little bits of supporting materials you create. :^) I DO have a question, however.

What are "vitaculing models"?

Also: Darn them for continuing to stuff Type M-09V-S models into inadequate berths! There's a 20% reduction in efficiency for the first hour of operation every cycle due to this! Though this issue does not have directly quantifiable costs at this time, it is widely theorized that in the case of rapid spin-up due to a specific security threat, this 20% reduction in efficiency will have a marked and demonstrable cost!
QuebecoisWolf Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
That's actually a typo for "victualing."  Oops.  "Victualing crew" is a maritime term to refer to foodservice staff and, in some cases, to pretty much every crew member who isn't either an officer or who has a purely practical duty on the ship (i.e. engineering staff, sailors, security guards, etc).

I think that the solution to that problem involves officers yelling at the crew for being lazy... which costs nothing.  I added that bit since I think it's such a great characterization of NFCL as a company.  They're willing to sink a lot of resources into a project that turns butlers and waiters into a poor man's version of the setting's supersoldiers, but reconfiguring crew quarters would just be too much of a hassle and isn't something that they can use in a marketing campaign.  Werewolves' happiness is just absolutely meaningless.  NFCL doesn't care if they hate every day of their lives as long as they carry out their duties and smile at the passengers (which they do by default thanks to plastic surgery).  Most werewolves are very well aware of what they're getting themselves into.  Life in on Newfenrir can be so brutally awful that extensive surgery and tight quarters don't seem like that big a deal.  But NFCL's favored recruits tend to be young nobles from families suffering a run of bad luck.  For a lot of nobles, the thought of being a werewolf (which can be undone) is a lot less terrifying than having to give up their family titles and become commoners. 
Johnithan Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks nice!
QuebecoisWolf Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Thanks!  And thanks for the fave!
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